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Boots: I got these from Hot topic a couple years ago and I've only wore them a couple times. I personally don't like wearing heals. So I finally decided to sell them.
I will except offers but nothing below $25.
Size: 7 or 7 1/2
S&H: Not sure!!!!

Belts: Both blets are XL, but the black silver star hole one is a couple inches shorter then the other, why, I don't know.
$5 for the silver hole one
S&H: $ 3.50
$10 for the pink star one (cause its a better material)
S&H: $3.50

Black bracelet: Its bent because its brand new and never worn, so its not molded. $5
S&H: $1.00
Silver necklace: Also brand new, never worn. $5
S&H: $2.00

Jacket: This is brand spanking new from Hot Topic, size M.
Will except offers but nothing lower then $40
S&H: $7.50

Purse: I got this YEARS ago, can't remember where but I've only used it a couple times. $12
S&H: $5
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